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“Briefly” Explaining the Advantage of ZFS

I wrote the roots of this article in reply to a friend’s request for me to explain the advantages of ZFS over NTFS. However, a direct comparison is difficult, because ZFS is different from a standard filesystem in a number of fundamental ways.  I must provide a history/primer on how data is stored on hard drives – though for simplicity’s sake, I will intentionally leave out a lot of details, features, exceptions, and edge cases (so don’t @ me). Hopefully I will be straightforward enough that, if you’ve ever partitioned a hard drive and installed an operating system (or created one), you can understand.

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Oils and Bokken/Iaito Maintenance for Students of Japanese Swordsmanship

Bokken and iaito maintenance are essential elements of training in Japanese Sword Arts. Without attention to these details, your iaito may become rusty and less smooth to draw, and your bokken may become splintered and cause injury to yourself and other students.

While I am not an expert in these fields, over the years, I have come to some budget-friendly and reasonably traditional solutions. This article is intended to be a guide to buying, mixing, and using your own oils for maintenance of wooden bokken and steel iaito. Continue reading

Change a PC’s Lighting According To Temperature

I wrote a simple program that reads my CPU and GPU temperature, and changes the color of the computer’s LED lighting to a range between blue and red accordingly.

This program was made for my ASUS Prime B560M-A motherboard, with an nVidia GTX 1060 video card, running Debian 11 Linux. The motherboard uses an Asus Aura USB device, hence the name of this project.
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