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LineageOS notes

Having been playing with LineageOS on my Motorola One Action, it has taken me some trial-and-error to get this phone working the way I would like. This post serves as a record to myself of the process I have tried thusfar which has (probably) worked.
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OnePlus Nord N200 Hacks

I own (or did, at the time of this article) a OnePlus Nord N200. Overall, it is a sufficient phone for my needs. There are a few things I’ve done to improve the user experience, but which require somewhat specific knowledge to implement. I will be using this article as an ongoing log of hacks that I have found, and how I did them, so that I can repeat them in the future. Continue reading

Brief Thoughts on “Profit is Theft”

I have seen this phrase come up lately, and decided that it is a belief that is common enough to be relevant to a number of people, simple enough to debunk without getting into too long of an essay about it, and the consequences dire enough that it warrants attention.

In short, theft is defined by how something is acquired from you, not by what the other person does with it.

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Pho-like Noodle Soup Broth

Broth for noodle soups. Modified from the Pho broth video below, to suit the ingredients that I keep in stock and to use up the scraps I create in the kitchen.  No ingredient quantities are listed, because it doesn’t matter that much – you’ll just create differently-balanced broths. Add what feels right. If you don’t have everything, just skip it or substitute with something that you think will taste good.

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