img_20150818_170303Hi, I’m Walter. This blog is an outlet to publish some of the thoughts I occasionally muster about various topics, maybe help some people out, and hopefully make some money from ad revenue.

My experience includes computer maintenance and repair, network and server administration (like itself), and various light programming projects. I spent 6 years as a Army National Guard FDC artilleryman and 3 as an Air Guard civil engineering assistant. I currently work as a part-time admin in a mostly Windows environment. I dabble in amateur philosophy and enjoy thought experiments, as well as DIY projects that build on skills that I’ve already acquired.

I don’t claim to be an expert on any subject that I explore. Many of my articles are largely theory-crafting, based on my own limited experiences and academic (meaning, not always first-hand) study. However, I hope that my reasoning is sound enough that it can be true in general terms, even without 20 years of experience or a wall full of certificates to back it up. As with everything you read, see, hear – not just on the internet or TV, but also from instructors, colleges, and authority figures – one should not rely on any information that has not been personally rationalized, tested, vetted, and confirmed.

My positions on all matters are subject to change as I learn new facts, expose myself to new ideas, and deliberate on the issues, and I will update articles or post new ones at my discretion. Given that this blog is a tool for me to organize my own matters first and a public reference second, ninja edits will be common practice on this blog, though I will log the changes if I feel that a retraction of my previous position is warranted.