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Fixing the Display of a Dual XR4115 Stereo

100_6525Last May, I purchased a Dual XR4115 In-Dash Digital Media Receiver despite its terrible reviews, most which complained about the same issue: after some time, the digital display would go out. However, some people posted that they were able to fix the problem by replacing the backlight LED. With some limited experience replacing soldered components, I bought the stereo at a great price with the expectation that I could fix it if it went bad. After a few months, the light went bad, I fixed it, and I’m going to show you how. Continue reading

Thrunite T10 2014 Runtime Tests and Customer Service Experience

I recently purchased a 2014 model Thrunite T10 for my INCH bag, and naturally, the first thing I did was to test it. I found that the medium mode on the light lasted for much less time than expected – 15 hours as opposed to the manufacturer’s advertised 39. This is terrible; the primary selling point for me was the runtime. Granted, I was using a battery that, after years of storage, had just taken out of the package and charged, so I decided to conduct a more scientific test. Continue reading

Shanock.com Unscheduled Downtime, July 16

There was some unscheduled downtime today from about 9AM to 2PM, as my electric company decided to do some maintenance of which I was not made aware.

In other, less time-sensitive news, I put some effort into making blog.shanock.com more mobile-friendly. As usual, software updates and security audits continue in the background.


The Worst That Can Happen Isn’t What You Thought

Many people, including myself, like to imagine that a collapse may be coming, and what it might be like. While there is much talk of a zombie apocalypse, most people understand that this is only a euphemism for the event, an analogy, a fictional thought experiment. A more scientifically valid expectation may be an EMP attack, volcano, asteroid, war, disease, famine, economic collapse, supply chain disruption, or whathaveyou, but in any case the idea is that civilization as we know it will, on a large scale and in short order, cease to exist. Continue reading

Rooting a Nook Simple Touch 1.2.1 and Power Optimization

100_6557I’ve recently been given free reign on a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader 1.2.1 with wi-fi. Naturally, the first thing I want to do with it is make it do more than just read books. This means rooting the device, which is to bypass the manufacturer’s lockouts in order to access the underlying operating system. To do so, I followed the guides for NookManager and NTGAppsAttack, so that I could install apps from Google Market (Google Play for old versions of Android.) This guide also gave me some tips, solutions, and leads that helped me get my nook where I wanted it. Continue reading

Installing an Aftermarket Stereo into a Dodge Neon

100_6521The OEM head unit in my ’04 Dodge Neon went finally went kaput after years of adequate service, and after many lonely months on the road without a song to sing-along/butcher, I decided it was time to put some serious effort into replacing it. This is the first time I’ve replaced a car stereo, but found that it was very easy as long as you know what parts you need. This article will likely not be useful for an experienced car audio technician, but it might help out some DIY’ers on a budget. Continue reading

Layman’s Rendering Tallow

100_6490I have recently undergone a quest to learn how to make lye soap using ashes from a fire and rendered animal fat. Thusfar, my attempts to make soap have been less than successful, but the first step – rendering the fat – I think I’ve got down pretty well. Not that I deserve any credit, mind you, it’s just incredibly easy.

Continue reading

“Are You Sure You’re Pissed Off at the Right People?”

1004703_676180902445300_1381271867_nI’ve been seeing this picture crop up on social networking sites every so often. It lists a number of government expenditures relative to the tax on $50,000 worth of income. From the top of the list are itemized selected expenses in the $2-$250 range, most of which have, at one time or another, been the target of debates regarding cuts in government spending. The list finishes with “corporate handouts,” standing out at a whopping $4000. At the bottom, the question is posed: “are you sure you’re pissed off at the right people?” Continue reading

Why I Won’t Campaign for Political Causes that Don’t Directly Benefit Me

cdf4de6dac8f6dbae1b1f69008cc3b3bIn my ideal world, violence is not used as a way to solve non-violent problems. One is never coerced with violence or the threat thereof* for any consenting and voluntary interaction. Gay marriage, firearm sports, recreational drug use; the particular nature of the activity is irrelevant. So long as one’s interactions are voluntary, and unless one harms someone else’s person or property, others have no right to interfere. There is no such thing as a victimless crime, no debt without agreement, no reparation without culpability. Continue reading

Simple Script to Clear Out One or All Fail2Ban Bans

I wanted to purge all of my Fail2Ban bans and jail counters. I couldn’t find any way to do this with F2B’s built-in commands. So I made a BASH script, and I’m sharing. Run the script to clear out all bans, or use ./f2b-purge [IP LIST] to unban one or more specific IP addresses. Use the -f switch to also force the unban via direct iptables command (i.e. for when fail2ban lost its database, and there are orphan bans on iptables) Continue reading

Adding a PayPal Surcharge to FusionInvoice

invoicesample3If you’re a small-time consultant, you can’t afford to be nickel-and-dimed out of your earnings. Many small businesses add a credit card surcharge if you want to pay in plastic, some only accept cash in the first place. If you want to offer your customers flexibility of payment methods, but can’t afford the the financial hit of payment services because you’re already running on thin margins, you might consider adopting a similar strategy. Continue reading

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