I May Have Miscalculated

But I'm pretty sure I can fix it.

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Ammo Boxes for Long Term Storage

I created these ammo box templates in order to be able to store ammunition in ammo cans efficiently. I determined the sizes according to the capacity of common standard magazines. Clipping them out involves a minimal amount of lines that can be done with a straightedge and a hobby knife, though scissors can be used.

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Convenient Kimchi

Simple home kimchi-like recipe. Great as a side or ingredient for any Asian-inspired dish that could use a little kick. Not authentic, but it can be done with the ingredients I normally keep in stock. 2lbs of cabbage, after this recipe, will fill a 1/2 gallon mason jar. Continue reading

Hibiscus Kombucha

Fizzy drink for quenching thirst. This is a relatively plain kombucha recipe; hibiscus adds a little flavor, but not much. This will make 2 quarts, or enough to make in a 2.5qt pickle jar. This is my own kitchen recipe, derived from adjusting other recipes to my tastes.
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