I created these ammo box templates in order to be able to store ammunition in ammo cans efficiently. I determined the sizes according to the capacity of common standard magazines. Clipping them out involves a minimal amount of lines that can be done with a straightedge and a hobby knife, though scissors can be used.

Download LinkCaliberRounds per boxDimensions (in).30cal fit.50cal fit
Download.223/5.5630 (3x10)3.563x2.260x1.09419 Boxes (570rds)45 Boxes (1350rds)
Download.40S&W15 (3x5)2.120x1.272x1.135


  • MAKE SURE TO DISABLE ALL SCALING IN YOUR PRINTER SETTINGS. These dimensions are quite precise. That said, your printer make/model may create a slightly larger or smaller box than mine. In that case, adjust your printer scaling until the box matches the dimensions listed in the table.
  • Many PDF document viewers support adding annotations or notes to the document, and you can use this to label your boxes with the print.
  • I have had success printing these on 199g/m^2 card stock. Stiff enough to hold a good shape, but flexible enough to get through a small laser printer.
  • Cut on solid lines, fold on dotted.
  • Tapered rounds (like .223) should be inserted in alternating directions, creating a checkerboard-like pattern.
  • Taping the box flaps on the outside seems to increase rigidity.
  • There is some variation in ammo can sizes. The fit numbers reflect my own personal observations.