Simple home kimchi-like recipe. Great as a side or ingredient for any Asian-inspired dish that could use a little kick. Not authentic, but it can be done with the ingredients I normally keep in stock. 2lbs of cabbage, after this recipe, will fill a 1/2 gallon mason jar.


Napa Cabbage, cut 2x1" pieces	2lb
Salt, non-iodized		36g

Sugar				1tsp
Red pepper flakes		2tbsp
Garlic cloves, minced		6
Ginger, grated			1tsp
Fish sauce			3tbsp

Green onions, cut 2" diagonally	4
Onion, medium, thin slices	1
Carrot, thinly sliced		8oz


  1. Place cabbage in a large bowl, toss with salt.
  2. Cover bowl, allow cabbage to wilt for 1-12 hrs.
  3. Combine and grind into a paste, the garlic, ginger, pepper, sugar
  4. Drain cabbage, save juice
  5. Combine all ingredients, mix
  6. Put mixture into jars, add cabbage juice
  7. Press mixture down, underneath liquid surface.
  8. Add a weight to keep the contents submerged. This is important, as any vegetable above the liquid surface may mold or rot, and ruin the whole batch. *
  9. Cover, but don’t seal, as fermentation produces gasses which need to be vented *
  10. Place out of direct sunlight and allow to ferment for a week
  11. When done, seal jars and store in refrigerator

* I am using 1/2 Gallon Ball Mason Jars along with the Ball Fermentation Kit. The kit includes a lid with a one-way vent, which allows the fermentation gasses to displace oxygen and inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria or mold. The kit also includes a spring to push the contents of the jar downward, thus serving the same function as a weight.