This page is mostly for my own reference, so that I can check and compare specs easier. Cost is indicated at the time of purchase, and includes shipping. Dates indicate time of purchase; parts have been, and will continue to be, reused in other builds.

Main PC

My home computer is built for lower power consumption, low noise levels, and low price. I use it for moderate gaming (usually purchased from a Steam sale, which means that what I play is usually a few years old and doesn’t require expensive hardware), media and internet content consumption, and programming. I update it piecemeal as needed and able.

CPUIntel Core i5-11400$206.002021-07-03
CoolerScythe Mugen 5 Rev.B$48.992020-08-01
Thermal PasteARCTIC MX-4 (8 Grams)$8.802020-06-21
GPUPNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB OC$0.002019-07-11Secondhand mining card, damaged DVI port.
Power AdapterGPU to 2x PWM Fan Adapter $1.52
GPU fanSnowman 92mm PWM fan$6.272021-11-26Zip-tied to GPU
GPU fanSnowman 92mm PWM fan$6.272021-11-26Zip-tied to GPU
Memory32GB (2x16) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3600MHz CL16$156.952020-05-01F4-3600C16D-32GVKC
Storage512GB Intel 760P NVMe SSD$139.992018-09-07SSDPEKKW512G8
MotherboardASUS Prime B560M-A$109.932021-06-25
CaseCooler Master MCB-Q300L$47.662020-03-30Modded, front fan holes cut out
Case FanARCTIC F14 PWM PST$6.002020-09-21
Case FanARCTIC F14 PWM PST$6.002020-09-21
Power SupplySeasonic CORE GM-550$40.872021-08-25
NetworkIntel AX200 WiFi/BT5$14.002020-03-06Used exclusively for Bluetooth headphones
AudioCreative Sound Blaster Z$49.992017-06-21
RGBCoolmoon 40cm Magnetic RGB Strip$4.942021-10-09
Operating SystemDebian 12$0.00
(Total for system, without peripherals)($854.17)
MonitorLG 29WK500-P 29" Ultrawide$173.792019-07-17
MouseLogitech G203$21.642023-11-10
KeyboardVelocifire TKL01$29.992017-09-02
KVMAIMOS HDMI USB-C KVM Switch$22.612020-10-25
MousepadRocketfish Universal Gaming Mouse Pad$20.002012?
SpeakersAltec Lansing ATP3$50.002001?Price is just a guess.
HeadphonesPhilips Fidelio X2HR$165.002017-10-10Aftermarket sheepskin pads were $15 of the total cost.
HeadphonesEarStudio ES100 MK 2$64.902023-10-21Bluetooth receiver for Fidelio X2s
WebcamTaotuo "1080p"$6.502021-02-15
Backup batteryCyberPower EC650LCD$44.952015-11-27

Home Server

These are the specs for my home server. It serves as a NAS, router, cloud storage, VPN, it drives a widescreen and speakers for a makeshift home theater setup, and runs the occasional VM or background process. This is the first computer that gets hand-me-down parts from my main PC, whenever I upgrade it.

CPUIntel Core i7-7700T$40.002024-04-24Cost is estimated. Was pulled from a prebuilt system.
CoolerCooler Master Hyper 212 Plus$14.992017-06-13
CPU FanARCTIC F12 PWM PST$6.002020-04-21Replaced stock fan due to noise
Thermal PasteNoctua NT-H1$0.002018-06-19Bundled with another cooler
Memory64GB (4x16GB) Kingston Value Ram DDR4-2133$38.162023-02-06Used, from eBay, multiple auctions. KVR21N15D8/16
Storage256GB Samsung/Lenovo OEM NVMe$5.002024-04-24Cost is estimated. Was pulled from a prebuilt system. MZVLW256HEHP-000L7
RaidZ24TB HGST Deskstar NAS 7200RPM$40.002015-03-04HDN724040ALE640 PK1334PBGZ1YRS Bought secondhand from friend
RaidZ24TB HGST Deskstar NAS 7200RPM$40.002015-03-04HDN724040ALE640 PK1334PBGZEW8S Bought secondhand from friend
RaidZ24TB HGST MegaScale 4000 5700RPM$54.112020-12-29HMS5C4040BLE640 PL1331LAH1NS2H Refurb
RaidZ24TB HGST MegaScale 4000 5700RPM$54.112020-12-29HMS5C4040BLE640 PL1331LAH1N7XH Refurb
RaidZ24TB HGST MegaScale 4000 5700RPM$56.162021-01-22HMS5C4040BLE641 PL2331LAGPYP2J Refurb
RaidZ24TB HGST MegaScale 4000 5700RPM$41.122023-01-25HMS5C4040BLE640 PL2331LAH0KSTJ Refurb
MotherboardASRock B150M Pro4V$49.992016-11-16
CaseFractal Design Define Mini$100.002020-03-30No longer in production, found new on eBay, overpriced. Modded to increase airflow of front fans.
Case FanARCTIC F14 PWM PST$6.002020-09-21Top exhaust
Case FanARCTIC F12 PWM PST$6.002020-04-21Front intake
Case FanARCTIC F12 PWM PST$6.002020-04-21Front intake
Power SupplyAntec NeoECO 620C$24.992012-04-30
PSU FanARCTIC F12 120mm Fan$4.572021-12-09Replaced stock fan due to noise
AddonPCIe3.0 to 4xSATA6Gb Controller$30.302021-03-13
NetworkHP NC360T Dual Gigabit NIC$20.002017-12-17
Operating SystemDebian 12$0.00
(Total for system, without peripherals)($637.51)
MonitorWestinghouse WE55UDT108 55" TV$150.002017-11-27Bought an open-box-discount TV with a Black Friday special
Keyboard/MouseLogitech K400R$21.572017-01-15
ModemCisco DPC3010$13.992015-03-22eBay
Front SpeakersRealistic/Radio Shack Nova-8 (x2)$10.002017-12-20Gift. Cost is for materials I used for refurbishing. Elbow grease not factored in.
Center SpeakerJBL Arc Center Speaker$26.052021-04-26Goodwill Auction
Rear SpeakersPhilips MCD703 (L/R speakers only)$10.00Goodwill
AmplifierDenon AVR-790$39.002017-11-29Goodwill Auction
Backup batteryCyberPower 1000AVR$202007?Gift. Cost is the price of a replaced SLA battery.

Mobile Computer

I prefer small screen laptops with high battery life for my on-the-go computing. Unfortunately, I can’t build laptops from components, so I have to make more price-to-requirement compromises than with my desktop and server.

LaptopHP Elitebook Revolve 810 G2$269.502017-07-13Refurbished
CPUIntel Core i5-4300UIntegrated
Memory4GB Micron DDR3-1600IntegratedSoldered onboard
Memory8GB Micron DDR3-1600$20.002019-08-26Used, eBay
Storage512GB Lexar M.2 SATA III SSD$48.352019-09-14eBay. Came with an external USB enclosure.
NetworkIntel AX200 WiFi/BT5$13.252020-03-02
Operating SystemDebian 12$0.00
Screen11.6" 1366x768Integrated
(Total for system, without peripherals)($351.10)
MouseDell N18W9 Bluetooth, USB rechargeable$5.782015-11-27
HeadphonesSennheiser HD1 headphones$97.872020-02-16Bought secondhand from eBay. Price includes $10.34 aftermarket sheepskin earpads
EarbudsRosewill R-Studio E-860$0.002016-08-23Was free after mail-in-rebate
EarbudsSound Mates v2$0.002021-11-13Inherited

Guest Room PC

This computer consists of the best parts that are left over from upgrades to my other systems.

CPUIntel Xeon E3-1265L (Sandy Bridge)$58.992018-01-09eBay
CoolerCooler Master Hyper T2$9.992017-06-13
GPUMSI Radeon HD 7770 1GB$94.992012-06-09
Memory16GB (2x8) Hynix Original DDR3 1600$45.002021-01-12
Storage256GB Silicon Power Ace A55$30.302021-01-01
MotherboardGigabyte GA-B75N$49.702018-01-12eBay
CaseXION XON-310$19.982016-11-09
Power SupplyCorsair CX430$19.992012-08-15
PSU FanRosewill RCA-1204BL $2.502012-05-18Replaced stock fan due to noise
AddonAzureWave AW-NE139H Wifi b/g/n$0.00Don't remember where this came from
Operating SystemDebian 12$0.00
(Total for system, without peripherals)($331.44)
MonitorLG Flattron EW224T$109.992012-08-21
MouseAcer OEM mouse$0.00Bundled with another computer
KeyboardAcer OEM keyboard$0.00Bundled with another computer
AudioASUS Xonar U3$37.992014-10-27
SpeakersLogitech Z323$12.212020-09-01Goodwill
HeadphonesPhilips SHP9500$49.992015-06-28

Retro PC

This is an attempted rebuild of my old 2004-era Athlon 64 system, using the original processor and case, with a few more modern embellishments. This is among the oldest consumer processors that will run an x86-64 Linux kernel. I do not remember how old many of these parts are, how much they cost. or sometimes even the make and model.

CPUAthlon 64 3200+ 2.0Ghz Socket 754??
CoolerZalman CNPS7000A-Cu??
Thermal Paste???
GPUATI Radeon 9600 128MB$41.002005-06-25
MemoryGeneric 1GB DDR-400$4.962023-12-31
MemoryGeneric 1GB DDR-400$5.252024-01-14
StorageSeagate ST31000520AS 1TB$79.992009-13-10
Optical DriveLITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812??
Optical DriveSamsung SC-140B$0.00?Unreliable
FloppyIomega Zip 100MB$0.00?Untested
MotherboardFIC K8M800M??
CaseMAXTOP CSX-917K Beige ATX Mid Tower??
Case Fan120mm Rosewill White LED??
Case Fan80mm??
Power SupplyAntec TruePower TrueBlue 480W$94.492004-10-2
AudioCreative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music??
Operating SystemDebian 12$0.00?
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro??
(Total for system, without peripherals)($225.69)
MonitorAcer X203W$169.992008-09-03
MouseCreative Optical Lite OMC905$19.502004-01-18
KeyboardLogitech K120??
SpeakersAltec Lansing BX1220??