This page is mostly for my own reference, so that I can check specs easier. Cost is indicated at the time of purchase, and includes shipping. Dates indicate time of purchase; parts have been, and will continue to be, reused in other builds. You’ll probably notice that most of these prices are lower than what they were generally available for at the time (often, lower even than current prices); I am a dealhunter, I will patiently wait for sales, I will exploit rebates, often buy refurbished and used parts, and re-use and repair the parts I have.

Main PC

My home computer is nothing special. It’s rather modest, built for lower power consumption, low noise levels, and low price. I use it for moderate gaming (I don’t play anything until it’s less than $10 on a Steam sale, which means that what I play is usually a few years old and doesn’t require expensive hardware), media and internet content consumption, and programming.

Home Server

These are the specs for my home server. It serves as a NAS, router, cloud storage, VPN, it drives a widescreen and speakers for a makeshift home theater setup, and runs the occasional VM or background process.

Mobile Computer

I prefer small screen Windows-based computers with huge battery life for my on-the-go computing. Unfortunately, I can’t build laptops from components, so I have to make more price-to-requirement compromises than with my desktop and server.

Guest PC

This computer consists of parts left over from upgrades to my other systems. Its job is to test hardware, operating systems, software of questionable origin, sometimes run background tasks, and to loan it to people.