This page is mostly for my own reference, so that I can check and compare specs easier. Cost is indicated at the time of purchase, and includes shipping. Dates indicate time of purchase; parts have been, and will continue to be, reused in other builds.

Main PC

My home computer is built for lower power consumption, low noise levels, and low price. I use it for moderate gaming (usually purchased from a Steam sale, which means that what I play is usually a few years old and doesn’t require expensive hardware), media and internet content consumption, and programming. I update it piecemeal as needed and able.

Home Server

These are the specs for my home server. It serves as a NAS, router, cloud storage, VPN, it drives a widescreen and speakers for a makeshift home theater setup, and runs the occasional VM or background process. This is the first computer that gets hand-me-down parts from my main PC, whenever I upgrade it.

Mobile Computer

I prefer small screen laptops with high battery life for my on-the-go computing. Unfortunately, I can’t build laptops from components, so I have to make more price-to-requirement compromises than with my desktop and server.

Guest Room PC

This computer consists of the best parts that are left over from upgrades to my other systems.