CrystalMark 2004R3 is a great free benchmarking tool for basic comparisons. Unfortunately, there’s no centralized database of results. I have been in the situation of Googling around to get benchmark comparisons on a CPU that I think has potential, but the scores that bloggers and reviewers post are often questionable and details incomplete.┬áTherefore, here is a list of systems I have benchmarked with CrystalMark, including their specs, OS, and their categorical scores. In the future, rather than making new posts, I will add to this over time as I benchmark more systems.

Sorted by ALU score. If overclocked, CPU name will be proceeded by @clockspeed.

Hard Drive
Alienware X51 R2Win 8 Home*408535Intel Core i7-47708956780934Intel Haswell H87DDR3-1600 8G88842Team Group GX2 SSD 512GB41402EVGA GeForce GTX 950 SC1366 x 76816519266326463928Nov2018
Custom BuildWin 10 Pro x64395318Intel Core i5-65008024468598Intel B150MDDR4-213384584Intel 760p NVMe SSD57575EVGA GeForce GTX 950 SC1920 x 108018729228816270726NOV2016
MSI PE60 6QE-031USWin 10 Home x64277497Intel Core i7-6700HQ7098166445Intel UnknownDDR4-2133 8GB54652HGST HTS721010A9E630 7200RPM 1TB13654Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M 2 GB1536 x 8641507905668621Apr2016
HP 15-ay196nrWin 10 Home*244676Intel Core i7 7500U5627753172Intel 200 SeriesDDR4-2400 16G54098Silicon Power ACE A55 SSD 512G40487Intel HD Graphics 6201366 x 7681669968021714128Nov2018
Custom BuildWin 10 Pro x64268687Intel Core i3-32205307351543Intel B75DDR3-1600 Cas949254OCZ Vertex3 120G44615MSI Radeon 7770 OC1280 x 10241250254135228728NOV2016
Custom BuildWin 7 HP x64*212169Intel Core i7 920 (Stepping 0C)5055846345Intel X58DDR3-1333 Tri Cas851758Raid-0 Seagate 7200.12 500GB16491MSI Radeon HD 4850 OC1680 x 10509245429833474Firsthand
Lenovo Z580Win 7 HP x64*247258Intel Core i5-32104658248614Intel HM76DDR3-1600 Cas942788OCZ ARC10041468Nvidia Geforce 630M 1G1366 x 76815878127423918606SEP2012
HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G2Win 10 Pro x64194237Intel Core i5-4300U4212039099Intel Haswell-ULTDDR3-1600 8G40676LiteOn L8T-12840898Intel HD Graphics 44001366 x 7681267172871148614Jul2017
Acer Aspire X 603GWin 8.1 HP x64*108411Celeron J19003274927361Intel ValleyviewDDR3-160021645WDC WD5000AAKX-22ERMA012957Intel HD Graphics1280 x 102458723655417203JUL2014
Dell OptiPlex 760Vista Enterprise SP1123989Intel Core 2 Duo E84002826627977Intel Q43DDR2-80018437WDC WD1600AAJS-60M0A18634Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT1280 x 10245873509429708Firsthand
Custom BuildWin 8 Preview*119610Intel Pentium G6202822425719Intel H61DDR3-1066 Cas931397Samsung HD204UI 2TB14054Intel HD 20001650 x 1080144871882384709SEP2012
Compaq Presario CQ41Win 7 Ultimate106513Intel Core i3 330M2632426677Intel HM55DDR3-1333 3G20564WDC WD3200BEVT-60ZCT17301ATI Radeon Mobility 43501280 x 800713924771603116APR2012
ASUS Transformer T100TAWin 8.1 HP*90059Atom Z37402497220596Intel ValleyviewDDR3-106622034Hynix HBG4e11502Intel HD Graphics1366 x 76847203114312104JUL2014
Acer Aspire 6920Vista HP x64 SP1**100073Intel Core 2 Duo T59001949420706Intel PM965DDR2-667 4G11692WDC WD3200BEVT-22ZCT09538Nvidia GeForce 9500M GS1366 x 7685371564427628Firsthand
UnknownWin 7 HP79444AMD Athlon II M3201693616485AMD M780GDDR2-80013889HTS725025A9A36410542Unknown1366 x 7688279300410309Firsthand
Toshiba Satellite L505DVista HP SP266018AMD Turion X2 ZM-841654915704AMD 780VDDR2-80011626TOSHIBA MK5055GSX8451AMD Radeon 31001366 x 768454521566987Firsthand
Acer Aspire 5536Vista HP SP161319AMD Athlon X2 QL-641551215473AMD 780GDDR2-66710267WDC WD25 00BEVT-22ZCT07244AMD Radeon HD 32001680 x 1050337421217328Firsthand
Toshiba Satellite P205Vista HP SP253842Intel Core 2 Duo T53001543816435Intel 945GMDDR2-6678190TOSHIBA MK2035GSS5341Intel 82945GM GC1440 x 900523917711428Firsthand
Custom BuildWin 7 HP x3237374AMD Opteron 25090008518nVidia nForce 3DDR-333 CAS7 SC5522Maxtor ATA133 300GB7045PNY GeForce FX 52001280 x 102433021110287708FEB2014
Acer AO522Win 8 Preview38999AMD C-6080987608AMD A50MDDR3-1066 4G6459Hitachi HTS543232A7A384 320G6289AMD Radeon HD 62901280 x 72029331309630306SEP2012
Custom BuildXP Pro x64*46106AMD Athlon64 3200+ (2.0GHz)74388385VIA K8M800DDR-400 1G6071Seagate ST380023AS 80G5967VIA Unichrome Pro IGP1600 x 105077264315620412DEC2012
Compaq Presario V5000XP Home SP334032AMD Turion 64 ML-3268277770ATI Radeon Xpress 200DDR-3334495WDC WD800UE-22KVT04047ATI Radeon Mobility Xpress 2001280 x 800649320262374Firsthand
HP Presario C300XP Home SP332732Intel Celeron M 42062617429Intel 945GMDDR-3334855Unknown4232Intel 82945GM GC1280 x 800555426011800Firsthand
MSI Wind U123XP Home SP3**31105Intel Atom N28061184787Intel 945GSEDDR2-667 1G4516WDC WD1600BEVT-22ZCT08539Intel GMA 9501024 x 60025533889703Firsthand
HP Pavilion 061XP Pro SP328571Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz (Northwood)59526255Intel 845GDDR-3333551Samsung SP0822N5782Intel 82845GE GC1440 x 900360920001422Firsthand
Panasonic Toughbook CF-73XP Pro SP3*31536Intel Pentium M 1.6GHz (Banias)55546892Intel 855PMDDR-4002785IC25N060ATMR04-03884ATI Radeon Mobility 75001024 x 768702036331768Firsthand
HP Mini 1000Win 7 Starter*22650Intel Atom N27053813540Intel 945GSEDDR2-667 1G4470SAMSUNG HM160HI7197Intel GMA 9501024 x 6006011007454Firsthand
Dell Latitude C640XP Pro SP3**25839Intel Pentium 4-M 2GHz42685065Intel 845MPDDR-2663349ST96812A5334ATI Radeon Mobility 75001024 x 768428417881751Firsthand
Custom BuildXP Pro SP3*33103AMD Athlon 1.1GHz34634402VIA KT133PC-1001166Maxtor 6Y080P07945ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB1280 x 1024585641566115Firsthand

* Benchmarked after a clean install, operating system tweaked for low overhead

** Operating system is modified for low overhead. Also implies *