I’ve recently received a bill from COX communications indicating a price hike. I was unable to negotiate a mutually acceptable price, and will be discontinuing their service pending migration.

I am considering co-location of my server. This would be the most seamless solution, but would cost almost as much as the premium that COX is charging me.

The more likely solution is that I will discontinue maintaining a physical server, and instead move all email and webhosting to a third-party provider. This is something new to me; I have provided for my own webhosting needs for over a decade, and have no familiarity with third-party hosting options.

My hope is that I can find a sufficiently flexible virtual server provider, so that I can continue to have control over the functions of the operating system and server software. If this is not possible, It will require greater compromises regarding the function of shanock.com services.

In either case, I will likely no longer be offering personal email accounts and webhosting to friends and family. I will do my best to carry over the accounts that exist now.


UPDATE: The Shanock.com domain, subdomains, and services have moved to a third-party host, 1&1 Internet Inc. They had a killer promo offer at $0.99/mo for the first year, and their regular rates beat most competitors. The transition went relatively smoothly. I have carried over existing web/email accounts that were in active use. I will no longer be providing new web/email accounts, and shell accounts are no longer valid.