I have things to buy, but I like to wait for deals. This is here for my own reference, to remind myself to periodically check the prices on these items. It is also a convenient wish-list for people who might be wondering what to buy me for special occasions. Having no idea what to get people leads me to dislike holidays more than I enjoy them; I wish everyone I knew had a list like this.

camping quilt
Long, Wide
<0C Rating, Down?
[CMMG Bravo kit and
Chamber Locking Lug], OR
[CMMG India Adapter]
w/chamber locking lugCMMG
Night VisionScope MountedCTD
Quik Clot1 small packet
Pocket Shower/Dry BagAmazon link
Obenauf's$30/2Heavy Duty LP
Coupon code: WSTAR
Dummy rounds/Snap Caps.40, .223Amazon link ,40
Amazon link .223
Ammo500+ rounds, Mk262 cloneMidwayUSA
Dynamo Hub + USB regulator and portAmazon link
Recluse LCP Holster$60black, square, one-sidedRecluse Holsters