From now on, information regarding the status will be added as blog posts here, then piped to the server news page via RSS. This will make it easier for me to keep communication current.

In recent news, there was a service interruption yesterday for about 2 hours between 1 and 3PM CST, due to Internet Service Provider issues with a fiber optic line.


Here is a list of some past updates, for archival purposes:

15NOV13 – I have removed some old accounts that hadn’t seen any activity in some time. I have, however, saved all of their data files, and anyone who wants their account restored or wants those files sent to them should contact me at

15NOV13 – Though I haven’t updated this in quite some time, many changes have been going on. The server has been replaced with new hardware, new sites have been created, many behind-the-scenes enhancements.

30MAR10 – On a whim, I decided to redesign the main page to give a more professional image. You may have noticed a bit of downtime recently, as our DNS service, ZoneEdit, was hit by some Denial-of-Service attacks. I have been looking into alternative options for DNS hosting so that this problem does not recur.

20JUN10 – I was away for 6 months on military duty, and while I was gone, the server had some problems with the hard drives. Upon return, I have replaced them with larger, faster ones. No user data was lost, and disk quotas have been upgraded to 5 gigabytes.

01MAR09 – The server upgrade is mostly done. A few wrinkles left, but all the critical systems are working. Among the major changes are a 64-bit operating system, new processor, more and faster memory, and striping and/or mirroring of all data.

26FEB09 – I’ve upgraded my PC, and am hand-me-down’ing my old hardware for a major upgrade to the server. Expect the update to take place within a week. I estimate half an hour of downtime, with a number of reboots before and after for configuration tweaks.