Pizza with a rich crust that can be made without an oven pre-heat.


Ingredient	10”		12”

water		118g		169g
sugar		1 tsp		1.5 tsp
yeast		1/4 tsp		1/3 tsp
flour		136-204g	195-293g
salt		1/2 tsp		3/4 tsp
olive oil	1 glug

olive oil	1 glug
additional salt

tomatoes	75g		108g
additional sugar
fresh basil
olive oil	1 glug

grated Parmesan
mozzarella	113g		162g


  1. Pizza Dough
    1. Warm water to 95-100F
    2. Add sugar and yeast, wait 10 min
    3. Add flour, salt, oil
    4. Knead into dough ball, adding flour as needed
    5. Coat bowl and dough ball in oil, cover and allow to rise at least 1hr at room temp, or 1 day in refrigerator
  2. Pan preparation (after dough rises)
    1. Add olive oil, corn meal, dried oregano, salt and pepper. Coat pan evenly
    2. Stretch out dough into circle, holding by the edges and turning, to let gravity do the work
    3. Place dough into pan, allow to rise
  3. Toppings prep
    1. Mix tomato, basil, oil, and sugar to taste
    2. Pre-cook toppings – bacon, mushrooms, sausage, etc.
  4. Cook!
    1. Start stove on medium, broiler on high
    2. As the dough cooks, spread sauce
    3. Let crust brown. Before it burns, add Parmesan and mozzarella
    4. Add other toppings
    5. Move pan to oven, top rack
    6. Cook until cheese turns golden brown