I decided to make a separate post for the medical items in my INCH bag in order to better explain some of my choices. You will likely notice that this kit is significantly simpler than some created by others for bug out purposes, but I believe it covers the basics reasonably well while allowing for multi-functionality that other kits do not. You will also notice that I do not carry certain items, like bandaids or sutures, which can be improvised from other components. Items such as saws, cordage, and duct tape are included with the main kit in order to allow for the improvisation of equipment like splints.


In addition to the items in the medical kit itself, my INCH bag includes a tin of Bag Balm. It is a mild antiseptic, skin protectant, and moisturizer. Can also be used as a mechanical lube, tinder extender, rust inhibitor, or leather treatment. Comes in a metal tin which has its own uses. If I did not have Bag Balm in my main kit, I would include a tube of antibiotic cream in this medical kit.